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Tantalum carbide is widely used in carbide additives, also as molding and anti- oxidation coating material, as well as an important raw material in cermet materials.


It has good Elevated temperatures (1000 ~ 1100°C) has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, which is widely used in cemented carbide additives, cermet, corrosion-and-abrasion resistant ally, hard surface coating and surfacing materials, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, corrosion-resistant steel and special steels.


Niobium carbide is easily to be solid soluted in compounds like titanium carbide, zirconium carbide and tungstencarbide. As a substitute for tantalum carbide, niobium carbide widely used in carbide additives and cermet.


Titanium carbide is mainly used in metal ceramics, heat-resistant alloys and cemented carbide, with a function to significantly improve the thermostability, wear resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of alloys.

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